The Black Leather Belt


The novel I’m currently seeking representation for. FBI Agent Rick Sullivan is chasing Mandrake, a serial killer who strangles blondes with a black leather belt. Mandrake stays ahead of Rick at every turn until he meets Destiny Malone. Destiny is training to be a PI and has just found her best friend Sydney dead. Sydney is found strangled by a black leather belt as well but is a redhead so is there another killer and if so which of the two men in Sydney’s life is responsible. If it is Sydney’s ex who was in prison for killing Rick’s father before recently escaping then Destiny is in danger too. Rick will stop at nothing to protect the woman he is beginning to love while she won’t stop until she discovers who killed the fiery redhead no matter how hot she thinks Rick is. What happens between them? Do they catch Mandrake? Who killed Sydney? Want to find out? Let literary agents and publishers know through social media that this sounds like a cool book that you want to read and then you’ll get to. I welcome any comments.